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Lipocube is a medical technology company with special products. Lipocube Text

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Lipocube Aesthetics

Lipocube Aesthetics products delivers the benefits of fat to the worldwide patients.

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Lipotransfer Devices

Lipotransfer Devices are created for convenient fat harvesting, suction and injection

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Lipocube Accessories

Lipocube Accessories are designed to ease the stemcell harvesting and processing.

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Find More About Lipocube™

Lipocube PRP kits are designed for fast and efficient PRP seperation to get the perfect concentration of Platelet Rich Plazma(PRP). 

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Nano Kit

Lipocube™ Nano Kit is specifically designed and packed for the practitioners to enable the fat transfer in the closed sterile system with Lipobag™ through disposable harvesting and injection cannulas.

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Global Experiences
About Lipocube

The Lipocube technology is widely known and applied by professionals. 

Improved Our Practice!

With more than 20 years of experience, we have lot of patients interested in regenerative treatments. Lipocube improved our practice and we use it on daily basis. Our patients are highly satisfied with the results, giving the best recommendations.

Dr Magdalena Krupež – Dr Jelena Šukrija

OREA Hospital Belgrade

No Need for GMP

It is very convenient to have the whole laboratory in a box without the need for GMP.

Dr. Mahmood Ansar

Orthopedic Surgeon, London

A Reliable Solution

A fast and easy to use innovation for the doctors, a reliable solution for the patients.

Dr. Isil Akgün Demir

Plastic Surgeon, Istanbul

A State of Art

As far as I am concerned, this device is definitely state-of-the-art when it comes to fat grafting.
My patients are satisfied, the results are precise and definitely longer lasting. And what I fancy the most is that I have my own lab at my disposal when using the Lipocube.

Dr. Željko Stanojlović

Plastic Surgeon, Kruševac, Serbia

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